Electronics kits and a new drone idea…

When I find the time I am developing an idea to distribute some electronics kits from this site. The idea behind these kits is to make some slightly more advanced projects accessible to people who don’t understand or might not want to get into the nitty gritty of the inner workings – but for those that do they will hopefully provide nice stepping stones for developing ideas as well.

You may or may not know that I have been obsessing over PT2399 delays for some time so one obvious kit would be based around those great little chips – I’m actually thinking about two; a simple bare-bones part count delay and a super-duper glossy sounding wobbly space time modulator 🙂

Another kit that I have developed somewhat further is a simple low-pass filter (well two actually on one board) that is based on Ray Wilson’s filter from the Noise Toaster. This circuit has a low parts count, the active filter features cut-off and resonance and sounds great! I used LDR’s to control the cut-off frequency on my first builds. This is how the board is looking at the moment:

Bat Full

Each kit is going to be designed so you can easily build it into a stand-alone unit, or you could add it to a circuit bent toy or electronic instrument of your design. I am thinking that each of these boards is going to be designed to take 9v batteries directly, but I will make a simple regulator board (which can be bundled in cheaply) if you want to be able to use a dc wall wart or pedal board supply.


In other news, I am developing a new drone synth which I have half finished on the solderless breadboard, but I have run into some power supply issues. Here is an image of the concept as it stands:

DS Concept

I originally wanted to place a VCF after each VCO pair but my current VCF design wasn’t compatible with the +/- 9v supply I’m using for this, so I’m working on something new. Each VCA uses one half of a special chip called the LM13700 which I want to learn some more about, so I think I am going to try out another of Ray Wilson’s designs as he has a state variable filter based on this chip. The reason I have stuck it at the end is because it requires both sides of the LM13700 package (and the chips aren’t too cheap!!) and I also realised that my control count was up to 14 knobs and growing!! More coming soon!

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