Bones Delay Kit in Motion

Hopefully within a couple of weeks the first of a number of planned electronics kits will be available to purchase from this site. I Just placed an order for PCB fabrication for my simple low-parts delay design the “Bones Delay”. This circuit is a delay based on the PT2399 echo chip and is similar to the example circuit from the PT2399 datasheet. This design features a number of improvements that I have made over the years I have worked with the chip including a better signal to noise and dry/wet signal ratio. The circuit also has features that push the chip beyond its standard operation such as pushing delay times to over 200ms, longer delay times result in increased noise but it is still very useable around about 1000ms in a lo-fi kinda way.

Once the boards have arrived and have been tested, I will post up a list of specs and ordering details

Bones Delay


My low-pass filter design has been put on temporary hold as I discovered some problems with the circuit when passing different signals through, once these problems have been ironed out I will be going ahead with the LPF kits as well!

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