More Bones…

I finally have the boards, they look great! I’m very happy though I have run into a couple of snags…

Bones Delay PCB


Well, two in particular, both down to component choice in Eagle. The first is pretty much resolved: I picked a trimmer potentiometer that seems to be incredibly rare – the trimmers I have at the moment don’t fit the board. The package I picked was the b25p which doesn’t seem to exist anymore – but I think I have found a suitable replacement which is on order.

The next problem was the regulator package I accidentally picked, the TO-92. The LM7805 in this form only has a maximum load of 100ma, and I’m not sure this is enough to power the chip, again common 7805 regulators just won’t fit onto the board as it stands. I have ordered some of the TO-92 package regulators to test with the board as well – this will either make or break the game. With a bit of luck the project will be tested by the end of the week.

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