End of 2013

I have had a great year, mainly down to all the amazing people I have met at various happenings. Thanks to all and happy new year!!

If you have been following my SDIY Experimenter page, things slowed down for Christmas, I was working on a couple of mods for the oscillators but eventually decided to keep the project in its vanilla state. I just have to get the faceplate finished, the cabinet from Matt Harris, and then I will need to do a couple of hours of wiring – but so far so good, planned to be complete by mid-January 2014

I am already drawing up plans for 2014. Some people know that from time to time I run electronic music workshops exploring instrument design and composition. Over the next year I want to focus on this even more, so I have been brushing up my skills in Cadsoft’s Eagle software to make a new project PCB. This is going to be a fun mini project that will demonstrate some of the ways we can build interactive electronics circuits, and will build a cool little noise maker:


The kit is based on the CMOS 4093 quad dual input nand gate. The motivation behind this project was to provide a more holistic workshop experience. In the past I had participants taking part in intensive workshops that went from testing a design on the breadboard to soldering it up on hellish VEROBOARD and then housing it in a container. This was time consuming and challenging, particularly at the veroboard stage which required careful planning and precise soldering skills. I want to make sure that everybody goes home having had a good learning experience AND with a completed project so with this kit, everything is labelled, it is very easy to solder and all components including the 9V battery mount directly to the board without any wiring necessary.

The kits will be available at a special “Swashbuckler” workshop and also as a mail order pack from my Big Cartel store. (no link yet as it is empty!!)

Exciting times!

I also have a secret major project in the works that I plan to be developing for most of 2014…

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