Secret Sounds Workshop @ Supernormal 2013

Secret Sounds Workshop exploded at Supernormal Festival this weekend, I will update this blog post as I gather and edit more bits of footage. Many thanks to the amazing and inspirational people who took part, and hopefully we can do it again in the near future!

Here is a sound recording I made as people performed with their constructions:

The following photos were taken at various points during the workshop:

Stay tuned for video and hopefully some more stills and sounds

ESB Day 3

I got lots of soldering done today – and got stressed out when I discovered that I didn’t have the one drill bit for my craft drill that I need!! My building work should be done by tomorrow so I can get up to speed with the others on crafting the performance for Saturday

Tomorrow me and Lorah are delivering a relatively unplanned workshop on building circuits, square waves and conductive paint – everything one needs for surviving Brighton

The pics in the gallery document the projects at ESB at various stages, including a bunch of my own bits – the wooden box with the reel inside is something I found in a Brighton flea market, it’s going to house my projects:

Portable Amps for SSW

Today I finished the first portable amplifier for the Secret Sounds Workshop the Ginko trio is running at SUPERNORMAL festival this year, pictured below:

Portable Amplifier

Portable Amplifier

These amplifiers will be used by participants to listen to found objects using contact microphones. They include a special circuit that improves the sound of the contact microphone – but you can plug in a guitar as well. The amps have a passive link output so you can chain a bunch of them together as well, and also a 10x gain switch if you need a little extra 🙂 oh and did I mention it runs on a single 9v battery?!

I just need to build 9 more now…