Past Events:

2014 – February 14 – 15 – Shape Records Presents FROM NOW ON festival

















Aidan Taylor performs an A/V set with Kim Da Costa, using homemade and hacked electronics for sound and visuals.


2013 – August 9 – 11 – SUPERNORMAL FESTIVAL

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Ginko returns to SUPERNORMAL this year to deliver a special listening and composition workshop based around contact microphones.

“SSW is an interactive listening exercise introducing the audience to the secret world of sounds through homemade contact microphones. The mics will be taken out onto the festival site to discover objects that reveal unheard and unknown secret sounds. Upon returning you will use bows, beaters and plectrums to create a piece of music using your discovered sounds played through battery powered amplifiers and concluding in a group musical performance. DIY pre-made contact microphone kits will be available to take home to experiment further beyond the festival.”


2013 – July 1 – 5 – Experimental Sounding Board, Brighton


Experimental Sounding Board was an open lab event bringing a number of artists together from different disciplines to collaboratively develop a work with a drop in audience.