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Hey! This page is kinda under construction and, as everything else on this blog, will be updated as and when I have time… at the moment, I am testing ways to host audio files so I have more freedom to keep and archive my work online – hopefully there will be plenty of good stuff on here soon!

Collaborations and other projects:

Form Constants

Form Constants as you may well know is one of my main projects, an audio-visual collaboration with my partner Kim Da Costa. One day we will buy a video card and make beautiful abstract films with our creations…

A short animation made with my modular setup and Argeïphontes Lyre 夏 5

Field Sports

Field Sports / Fold Music is/was a temporary project for Supernormal 2014 organised by Matthew Lovett as a side project to his involvement in improvising trio Team Sports. From the Supernormal site:

‘Bodies are not volumes but coastlines, irresolvable but undelimitable penetrabilities, opportunities for the real decomposition of space.’ (Nick Land)

Field Sports / Fold Music is the sound of the outside becoming the inside of a music, where musicians bring sounds, make sounds and hear sounds, in a music of (w)holes.

Field Sports / Fold Music grows out of the Team Sports / Outdoor Sports improvised music performances by Matthew Lovett, Jimmy Ottley and Ian Watson; where music-making in outdoor environments suggested a speculative sonification of players’ conscious and unconscious responses to their surroundings.

FS / FM extends the Team Sports family to include a larger group of music-makers using spontaneous and pre-recorded sounds to de/compose space and fold music into Brazier’s Park.

This was a free improv project featuring Matt Lovett on guitar, Jimmy Ottley and Nic Finch on cello, Nick Harrison on drums, Tina Hitchens on violin and myself playing handmade electronics. The project featured field recordings taken by those involved which were played back on the mini speakers I made for Supernormal 2013 Secret Sounds Workshop.

2 Recordings from rehearsals in Newport (early August 2014):

And a recording from the event itself in Braziers Park, Oxfordshire (10th August 2014):

Photo 10-08-2014 15 33 56



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