Extraction Music / ExM

I know it is pretty terrible as a musician to be writing about something I did live, after it happened, but it’s not all bad – there’s a great compilation album that has come about along with the event.

Extraction Music was set up by Ian Watson as a charity event in order to raise some much needed funds for local charities to help in support of Syrian refugees, the majority of whom have fled from terror and disaster only to become trapped in absolute poverty at the doorsteps of some of the worlds richest nations.

I’m sorry to say (if you weren’t there) that the event was superb and was fully featured with the best drone and noise musicians the UK has to offer, including Rhodri Davies and Howlround. For me, it was a line up of people that I either had known about for a long time but had never seen live, or people I knew and hadn’t seen in too long, so it was real special 🙂

I did an intense improvised solo set with my Hordijk modular (first time I used it live) and a homemade delay pedal. Unfortunately I don’t have any footage – but I would urge you to spend some time with the artist compilation that was put together shortly after the event, which you can find here: ExM Compilation

Please consider paying the minimum amount for the compilation as your money will be going to a good cause and will be directly helping people in need – and it’s really fucking good regardless 🙂

I hope you enjoy!