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All things Swashbuckler live here, first of all, if you are here for the build document. Please use the link below to download the document as a .PDF:


If you are new to this project, here is a short blurb:


Aidan Taylor’s Swashbuckler Workshop

The Swashbuckler is a simple electronic noise instrument designed by Aidan Taylor. It is a small device made up of a single PCB and parts, and functions through a misappropriation of digital electronics! The heart of the instrument is a CMOS chip designed for analogue binary applications, but here it is used as a means of producing audible oscillations. The instrument is designed to be played by hand at a tabletop, it runs from a single 9V battery and features touch sensors and light sensitivity. It has a headphones jack output just like your laptop or phone and can be listened to directly this way, but it is also very fun to play through guitar FX pedals and was born to be loud!

The instrument comes as a kit of parts and requires soldering, however, with barely 20 parts in total the Swashbuckler can be built by people with any level of experience, skills to do so will be shared at the outset, and the workshop comes with the guarantee of every participant leaving with a working instrument.

The Swashbuckler Workshop was created in 2014 in an effort to make a more accessible electronics workshop for beginners and individuals across all backgrounds and ages.


Alternatively, you can purchase a Swashbuckler kit from the ART Synthesizer Store

I also run Swashbuckler workshops. If you would like me to run a workshop at your event please send me a message (e-mail is on the contact page). I can travel light and bring everything needed for 5 – 10 people to build a Swashbuckler.


Please post any Swashbuckler related comments in the comments section below!


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